Whether you're a plane creator or an instrument plug-in or something else, you'll be interested in the following!


This page presents :

        • What you need to do to have your Aircraft GoodWay Compatible.

        • What you need to do to have your Flight Manager or ATC GoodWay Compatible.


A) Make your Aircraft GoodWay Compatible:

    So that GoodWay can make the necessary calculations for the vertical flight plan, he needs to know some information about your plane. To do this you have to fill in a file which must have a specific name and be in the same folder as your plane.

This operation is very simple and you can realize it in a few seconds.


1) Create a simple text file you put inside your aircraft folder, where your .acf is.

    This file MUST BE named GW_Performances.txt



2) Open this file with a simple text software and set the content like below :

    It contains simples information are used by GoodWay to compute a good average about climb, cruise descent and flight time. It is not perfect because it includes many other parameters like weather and so on, but is a very good idea.

The values are average on a normal conditions (weather normal, engine 75/80%, …)


Eclipse 550 NG;320;370;310;3000;2750;410


Each field are separated by a ; character.


From left to the right :

Aircraft name (no more than 100 characters)    - Eclipse 550 NG

Climb speed (in Ground Speed)                - 320

Cruise speed (in Ground Speed)                 - 370

Descent speed (in Ground Speed)                 - 310

Climb VVI                                     - 3000

Descent VVI                                 - 2750

Cruise Altitude (in FL = feet / 100)                 - 410


If you need we test your aircraft, we can do it, just send it to us. Or, simply use GoodWay : Load your aircraft inside x-plane, open GoodWay Flight Plan Window, click the Performances menu and see your aircraft name! You can also adjust your file by using plugin/GoodWay/Performances/your aircraft name!


Soon you have set your aircraft(s) compatible, you can :

- use the attached logo on your web site and on your aircraft delivery and all communication you want.

- Advise us, We will publish your aircraft release news on GoodWay web site to promote your job.

- Fell free to give me your logo for I put it on GoodWay web site.


B) Make your Flight Manager/ATC GoodWay Compatible:

    If your aircraft do not use X-Plane standard instrument (you have make your by using X-Plane PlugIn System), we probably need to work together to ensure the communication from your plugin to GoodWay.

    We have some ways could be use to ensure that :

            • Using DataRef from X-Plane PlugIn System to communicate and exchange data (the best way for users)

            • Using Exported file on a common place with file detection

            • Using exported file 


Please, contact us. We can talk about it together to have a the best solution to our nice Pilots/Users.