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GoodWay is the oldest and most used flight planner for X-Plane since 2002.

Today, GoodWay has been completely re-written for versions 10 (from 10.51) and 11 from X-Plane...




    GoodWay version 5 will surprise you. It is now integrated with X-Plane V10 and V11 64Bits in a plugin. This means that all the tools offered by GoodWay are directly usable in X-Plane, no need to open a website or another application to do all that GoodWay v5 can do:


  • Automatic creation of flight plans with X-Plane data (which may differ from the actual data you find on the internet or in some tools),
  • Using the performance of aircraft that you can also define yourself, the flight plan automatically recalculates,
  • Send the flight plan to X-Plane v10 standard instruments : FMS and GPS, X-Plane v11 FMC, GPS and GNS (430 or 530) - May not work with aircraft not using the X-Plane standards instrument (consult us),
  • Follow the flight plan in a specific window that also allows you to adjust the radio frequencies and the OBS and Heading with a single click,
  • A map that covers the entire world and provides you with a wealth of tools for display, dynamic measurements and viewing and making or modifying flight plans, tracking your flight,
  • Detailed information about airports: Airports in blue print, ILS list, Radio, and all the details of each airport, you can also adjust the radio frequencies and ILS in 1 click.
  • Powerful search tool that will allow you to search for any beacon, waypoint, airport and even a city on the map.
  • Use and display SID & STAR
  • X-Plane floating windows.
  • 15 different world maps
  • VATSIM and IVAO network view.


This new version has been specially designed to use a minimum of resources and not slow down X-Plane. The impact on the frame rate is very low and only concerns the display of the windows. If no window is open, the frame rate will not be impacted.


Are you ready for a new flight experience?


What is a Flight Planner?

    If you have the question it is missing some notions, as the most important is that the planes do not fly in a straight line from one airport to another, they use highways invisible and Low altitude. Beyond that, even a small "unconstrained" flight of VFR type (visual flight, one recognizes the ground, one follows a road, a motorway, ...) requires the use of radio beacon type VOR or ADF. Of course the GPS can do the trick, but it will have to indicate the route that you desire, and you need in any case a flight planner ...


Why use GoodWay?

    Most virtual pilots like flight simulators as this gives access to a very expensive pleasure in real life. Pilots who want more realism use X-Plane because it is the best in the flying field with a simulation of aerodynamics. But the realization of flight plan requires having the maps and information that are in X-Plane. The navigation data that X-Plane contains that you can not see all become accessible through GoodWay. GoodWay has it all in real time. Update X-Plane, GoodWay will update its information and it will always be perfectly synchronized with X-Plane.


Must we have a big flying experience?

    Certainly not. GoodWay helps you in the realization of your flight plan, but above all we want to bring you an even better flight experience. Flying even in a simulator is nice, but knowing how to navigate, knowing where we are and knowing that we are doing it as if we were in command of a real aircraft really brings a big plus to this experience. Navigation on a simulator is really a most exciting aspect.


What kind of driver is GoodWay?

    There are many users. ULM pilots, Pilots of passenger airplanes, and of course the pilots of line. The flight plan is the same and depends mainly on your flight altitude and the type of flight.


Can we use it in real life?

    NO, under no circumstances. GoodWay uses X-Plane data that is updated from time to time by Laminar Research. Real-life data is updated on a monthly basis. It would be dangerous to use GoodWay in real life.

In addition, a real flight will require accurate calculation of passing altitudes as well as fuel consumption that GoodWay can not handle for real aircraft!


Can I test GoodWay before acquiring a license?

    You can, just download it and install it. You can then use it for 15 minutes with some limitations (no save, no loading, no sending to the FMS / GPS / GNS / FMC and the waypoints are not visible). When you feel like it, you just have to acquire the license that entitles you to ALL updates free of charge throughout the life of X-Plane Version 10 & 11 64Bits.


GoodWay works with what version of X-Plane?

    With the latest versions of X-Plane 10.51 and all versions 11.xxxx of X-Plane on Windows and Macintosh 64Bits. Earlier versions or 32Bits are not recognized.


Can GoodWay make the flight plan for me?

    Yes, it is enough to indicate to him the airport of departure and that of arrival and GoodWay calculates the route automatically.


On how many computers can I install GoodWay?

    Only one!!! license allows only one installation on a single computer. A license for GoodWay Windows only allows you to install on Windows. A license for Macintosh only allows you to install on Macintosh.


    The 5.0.0 version Teaser

Update 5.5.0

Find all the information, tips, details of updates and more on our Facebook site, the best way to stay informed about GoodWay v5.

Aircraft Designer, if you have FMS, GPS or other navigation instruments you want to make Compatible GoodWay,

English review 5.2.0


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