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GoodWay v5 will surprise you. The v5 version is integrated with X-Plane V10 and V11 in a plugin. This means that all the tools offered by GoodWay use X-Plane's data and are directly usable in X-Plane, no need to open a website or any other application to do all that GoodWay v5 can do ...


Using the X-Plane database or DataNav data (in Custom Data), using Custom Airports, to be fully compatible with X-Plane (only flight planner fully integrate with X-Plane, its data, are environment !!!

Automatic and / or manual creation of flight plans with X-Plane data (which may be different from the data you find on the internet or in some tools), include SID & STAR, automatic altitude calculation (manually modifiable), management TOC & TOD,

Use the performance of airplanes that you can also define / modify yourself, the flight plan is recalculated automatically,

Flight plan window which also allows you to adjust radio frequencies and OBS and Heading with one click, indicates the following waypoint and the ETA,

Import flight plans in FMS format, FlightPlanDatabase, copy / paste,

Export or Send flight plans to: Copy / Paste, X-Plane ATC, XSquawkBox, VATSIM Server, JAR X-Life ATC, 124th ATC v2, FMS, FMC, GNS, X-Plane compatible GPS, ZIBO B737 , JAR A320-A330, Flight Factor A320 Ultimat-B757-B767, X-FMC, Aerobask aircrafts. - May not work with aircraft that do not use standard X-Plane instruments (consult the aircraft designer or consult us),

Powerful function of Ready to Publish which allows the automatic realization of a publishable document on the web or printable containing all the information of your flight plan as well as the maps,

Map window that covers the entire world and offers you a wide range of tools for display, dynamic measurements and visualization and creation or modification of flight plans, follow the route of your flight, SID & STAR, TOC & TOD, METAR weather with ground and altitude winds, rain, thunderstorms, pressure and temperatures, see aircraft and real-time controllers VATSIM and IVAO, Airspace, other planes, zoom level allowing to see the airports in details,

Spaces management with download updates,

Flight profile window showing the relief under the flight plan as well as your vertical navigation, possibility of modifying the altitudes of the points of passage with the mouse,

Detailed Airport Information Window: Airports map in blue print, list of ILS, Radio, and all the details of each airport, taxi, panel, METAR and you can also set radio frequencies and ILS in 1 click.

Manage your own FIX points with powerful tools and fully compatible with X-Plane.

Powerful search tool that will allow you to search for any beacon, crossing point, airport and even a city on the map.

X-Plane floating windows (> = v11.10).

15 World Maps Different graphics and a vector map

Real-time information from VATSIM and IVAO networks.



This new version has been specially designed to use a minimum of resources and not slow down X-Plane. The impact on the frame rate is very small and only affects the display of windows. If no window is open, the frame rate will not be impacted.


Are you ready for this new flying experience ?!

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